Noemí Gutiérrez Valdés, MSc

Noemí Gutiérrez Valdés is a Project Coordinator at Aranda. She has over 3 years of experience in biotechnological projects. Noemí is currently finalizing her doctoral degree in Plant Sciences from the University of Helsinki with her thesis on plant-based recombinant proteins for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. During her thesis journey, she has been working as a Research Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland where she has collaborated in a European initiative with research institutes, universities and SMEs in the area of plant biotechnology for health applications. Noemí holds an MSc in Plant Biotechnology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. During her MSc thesis, she studied nematode immunomodulators for their use in pharmaceutical technologies. Having worked in both academia and industry gives her expertise in project coordination and leading cross-functional teams. Noemí is responsible for coordinating the preclinical studies with service providers and overseeing that timelines and goals are met.