Aranda’s proprietary ADA-308 molecules are small molecule, androgen receptor (AR) signaling inhibitors originally designed to overcome treatment resistance in advanced prostate cancer. Due to excellent solubility and stability properties in topical route-oriented excipients and optimal pharmacokinetic profile the compounds are under investigation as topical treatment for acne.

ADA-308 molecules have unique properties for acne. As a first-in-class non-steroidal, purely AR targeted agents they provide a much needed topical alternative for systemic hormonal treatments for all acne patients. In non-clinical models ADA-308 molecules have been shown to act locally in skin and lack systemic anti-androgenic effects making them suitable also for men. Excellent safety profile with non-skin-irritating properties makes them a viable alternative to be explored as a combination treatment to other topical agents for maximum efficacy and relief of acne symptoms.

Topical - applied directly to skin

  • Excellent solubility and stability in topical-route oriented excipients
  • Penetrates the skin reaching AR target

Pure anti-androgen

  • Non-steroidal, AR specific, no off-target hormonal activities

Low systemic exposure

  • Acts locally in skin lacking systemic anti-androgenic effects allowing treating both genders


  • Well-tolerated upon topical application allowing combination to other topical acne agents