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ADA-308 molecules are potent, non-steroidal, pure androgen receptor signaling inhibitors for the treatment of androgen receptor related conditions. Androgen receptor, AR, is a transcription factor that is activated upon androgen binding. Binding causes AR to translocate from the cytoplasm into the nucleus, where it binds to DNA and modulates gene expression of its target genes. The main function of AR is to regulate gene expression critical for the development and maintenance of male phenotype, but it has a role in female reproduction and physiology as well. Dysregulation of AR signalling plays an important role in wide variety of diseases ranging from prostate cancer to skin related diseases such as androgenetic alopecia and acne vulgaris making AR an important target for drug development. ADA-308 molecules are unique orally or topically active AR signalling inhibitors with beneficial effects in various pathologic conditions.

Our company

Aranda Pharma is a nonclinical drug discovery company dedicated to discover and develop novel small molecules to androgen receptor related conditions. Aranda utilizes semi-virtual business model outsourcing R&D activities to expert collaborators in academia and contract research organizations, while retaining control of core-business functions in-house. Aranda is seeking for a partner for clinical development and commercialization of its research programs. Aranda is supported by an experienced management team and Board.

Press releases


Aranda Pharma Ltd received a grant from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre). The grant will be used to strengthen and explore international business potential of company’s ADA-308 program.