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About Aranda Pharma Ltd

About Aranda. Aranda Pharma Ltd founded in September 2015 in Kuopio, Finland is a privately owned drug discovery company dedicated to discover and develop novel small molecules to combat prostate cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Aranda’s lead asset is androgen receptor antagonist for advanced prostate cancer.

Status. The current lead has been selected among 650+ designed structures, 220+ profiled molecules and has global IP protection in the key market areas. The compound is in the late stage of preclinical development ready to advance into regulatory safety pharmacology and toxicology studies. Our aim is to advance the program until ready for clinical trials and seek for a clinical development and commercialization partner.

Business model. Aranda utilizes semi-virtual business model outsourcing R&D activities to expert collaborators in academia or contract research organizations, while retaining control of core-business functions including IP protection, strategic alliances and financial control in-house. Aranda is supported by Finnvera, Chinese biotech company Tarrex Biopharma Ltd and Innovestor Ltd.

Press releases

Aranda Pharma Ltd Announces Issuance of US and European Patents for its Proprietary Small Molecules for the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer


Seal of Excellence Award by European Commission to the Aranda's prostate cancer program

2015-11-04, BioSpace

China’s Tarrex and Aranda of Finland Partner on Prostate Cancer Program

2015-11-03, ChinaBio Today