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18-May-2017, Kuopio, Finland
Aranda Pharma Ltd Announces Issuance of US and European Patents for its Proprietary Small Molecules for the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer
Aranda Pharma Ltd., a drug discovery company focused on the development of novel small molecules for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer, announced today the issuance of US Patent 9,650,382, and European patent, EP 2802563, for its proprietary small molecules targeting androgen receptor. These patents are part of Aranda’s IP portfolio, which includes 14 issued patents and 20 patent applications covering a wide chemical space in two patent families.
Aranda’s proprietary small molecules are efficacious against prostate cancer cells resistant to current treatment options. “We envision that Aranda’s extensive IP portfolio, together with groundbreaking recent data in the Xtandi (enzalutamide) resistant mouse model of advanced prostate cancer, will give us excellent grounds when advancing the program towards clinical trials”, says Anu Muona, CEO of Aranda. Aranda is seeking a clinical development and commercialization partner for its prostate cancer program.

04-Apr-2017, Kuopio, Finland

Aranda Pharma’s prostate cancer program was awarded with a Seal of Excellence by the European Commission
Aranda’s ADA-308 prostate cancer program was awarded a Seal of Excellence certificate by the European Commission under the Horizon’s 2020 SME Phase 1 call. The Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to promising, high quality project proposals, that succeeded in passing all three stringent selection and award criteria required for receiving EU funding, but did not receive it due to budget limits. The evaluation is done by an international panel of independent experts.

11-Nov-2015, Kuopio, Finland

Tarrex Biopharma and Finnvera invest in Aranda Pharma developing novel treatment for advanced prostate cancer
Chinese drug discovery company Tarrex Biopharma and Finnvera plc from Finland have invested in Aranda Pharma, originating from Kuopio. Aranda Pharma Ltd. is a drug discovery company focusing on the early development of novel small molecules to treat advanced prostate cancer. Upon investment, Aranda continues the preclinical development of its lead asset, aiming to enter into regulatory safety and toxicology studies within the next year.
Tarrex is developing novel small molecules to combat cancer, and its lead asset designed for the treatment of colorectal cancer is ready for submission of an IND application to the FDA for approval of entering clinical studies. “We share the vision for the need for better treatment options for prostate cancer and are very pleased to have Tarrex’s scientific and financial support to advance the program”, says Anu Muona, PhD, Managing Director of Aranda Pharma. “Tarrex has just finalized the drug discovery phase we are about to enter, making Tarrex an ideal collaboration partner for Aranda”, Dr. Muona continues. Aranda’s lead compound is an androgen receptor antagonist with proven efficacy in cellular and animal models of prostate cancer that are resistant to current treatment options. Dr. Kanyin E. Zhang, CEO of Tarrex Biopharma, states that “we are really excited about this opportunity to work with Aranda and to advance a better therapy for prostate cancer patients with significant unmet medical needs”. The investment decision at Finnvera’s Venture Capital Investments is based on the evaluation of the company’s competence in technology and growth potential.
“We are extremely pleased at Aranda to be qualified as a portfolio company for Finnvera”, states Dr. Muona.